The World of Entertainment Quiz

How good is your entertainment trivia knowledge?  Test yourself on the characters, the actors, actresses, famous films and tv series, as well as musicians and singers in our “World of Entertainment Quiz”.


What Was Al Pacino's Character Name In The Film Scarface?
Which Actress Would You Associate With The Films 'Outrageous People'', And 'Down And Out In Beverley Hills'' ?
Which Actor Married Elizabeth Taylor Twice?
The Song "Oh What A Beautiful Morning" Comes From Which Musical?
In Which Tv Series Did The Character Of Dr Sam Beckett Appear?
Where Did Elvis Presley Perform His Last Concert?
Which 1987 Movie Features The Character 'Gordon Gekko''?
Who Played James Bond In The Film Goldfinger?
In The Movie Beverly Hills Cop What Was The Main Character's Name?
Julie Kavner Is The Voice Of Marge In Which Cartoon Series?
The World of Entertainment Quiz
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