Unheard Whispers - The Tale of Infrasound
Infrasound arrays at infrasound station IS18, Qaanaaq, Greenland. Part of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organisation Preparatory Commission monitoring system – The Official CTBTO Photostream, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

In the vast symphony of sounds that our world plays, there exists a peculiar set of notes that escape the grasp of human ears. These are the sounds of infrasound—vibrations that hum below 20 Hz, a frequency so low that it becomes more of a feeling than a sound. This unseen force, capable of stirring uneasiness, anxiety, and even sheer terror, weaves a fascinating tale that dances on the edge of our scientific understanding and brushes against the realm of the supernatural.

The journey of infrasound begins with its creation, which can be as natural as the world itself or as mechanical as human innovation allows. Earthquakes, with their titanic forces, are perhaps the most dramatic producers, sending waves that not only shake the ground but also ripple through the air in infrasonic frequencies. Volcanic eruptions, fierce storms, and the powerful ocean waves crashing against the coast share this ability, painting a picture of a world that communicates in tones we cannot hear. On the flip side, our own creations—whether they be the deep thrum of industrial machinery or the roar of a jet engine—add to this invisible chorus, creating a backdrop of sound that impacts us without our conscious realization.

The effects of infrasound on the human body and psyche are where the story takes a turn into the mysterious. It’s not just a matter of not hearing these sounds; it’s about what they do to us, unseen and unheard. People have reported feelings of extreme discomfort, a vague sense of dread, or even the chilling sensation of being watched, all in the presence of infrasonic vibrations. The science behind these experiences is a complex dance of biology and physics. Infrasound at certain intensities can resonate with the body, creating physical sensations that the brain struggles to interpret. This dissonance between what is felt and what is understood can conjure feelings of anxiety or fear, emotions that are primal and deeply ingrained in our psyche.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of infrasound is its role in the paranormal—or, more accurately, the perception thereof. Ghost sightings and the sensation of an unseen presence have been linked to the presence of infrasound. It’s a theory that offers a tangible explanation for some of our most intangible experiences. In places reputed to be haunted, where the air seems thick with the weight of unseen eyes, infrasound generated by natural or artificial sources could be playing tricks on our minds. The idea that what we fear may be a frequency rather than a phantom offers a comforting explanation, grounding the supernatural in the natural world.

This exploration of infrasound does more than just demystify the shadows; it highlights the incredible, yet often overlooked, ways in which we interact with our environment. It’s a reminder that our perception of reality is not only about what we see and hear but also about what we feel. The world communicates with us in frequencies and vibrations, some of which we understand and some of which remain just beyond our grasp. As we continue to explore and understand phenomena like infrasound, we peel back layers of the natural world that have been hidden from us, not by distance or time, but by the very limits of our senses.

The tale of infrasound is a fascinating chapter in the book of natural mysteries, a story that spans the gap between the understood and the unknown. It’s a narrative that challenges us to listen more closely to the world around us, not with our ears, but with our minds and bodies. As we tune into these hidden frequencies, we discover not only the unseen forces that shape our feelings and fears but also a deeper connection to the mysterious world we inhabit. The whispers of the world are there, in the infrasonic range, waiting to be felt and explored, reminding us that there is so much more to this universe than meets the eye—or the ear.

Don Leith

By Don Leith

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