Legendary Lawnmower Ride

The lawnmower ride – 2008 – Nebraska

The  legendary lawnmower ride took place in a small town in Nebraska, where white picket fences encase modest homes and life moves at a leisurely pace, an unusual story took root, one that would soon grow to be the stuff of legend. This is the tale of Frank Owens and his unyielding dedication to… well, let’s just call it his unique mode of transportation.

Frank, a sixty-year-old retiree, had always been a bit eccentric, known by his neighbors for his peculiar habits and offbeat sense of humor. Yet, nothing could have prepared the town for the day they saw him riding his lawnmower down the main street, not to mow a lawn or to get it repaired, but as his chosen vehicle for a cross-town errand.

It all began one evening when Frank’s ancient truck sputtered its last breath. Needing to get to the local tavern for his regular card game, and not one to miss out on fun due to minor inconveniences, Frank had a lightbulb moment. If his truck wouldn’t get him there, surely his trusty lawnmower would! And so, with a helmet on his head (safety first!) and a spirit full of adventure, he set off.

The townsfolk watched in disbelief as Frank cruised down the main road, cutting a rather slow but determined path. The local kids cheered, cars honked in camaraderie, and soon, Frank’s lawnmower ride became the town’s main attraction.

Reaching the tavern, Frank parked his ‘mower next to the big trucks and motorcycles, offering a nod to the astounded patrons before strolling in as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Inside, the tavern burst into applause, and Frank just shrugged, “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

But here’s where the tale takes another twist. Upon hearing of this peculiar journey, the local law enforcement wasn’t as amused. They believed that a lawnmower, even if it wasn’t the fastest vehicle on the road, shouldn’t be on the main road at all. Thus, when Frank decided to make his journey back home later that night, he was greeted by flashing blue lights.

In the subsequent hearing, the court was split between those who found the humor in Frank’s choice of transport and those who considered it a traffic hazard. After a lively debate, the judge, suppressing a grin, gave Frank a light fine and a gentle warning against further lawnmower escapades on the main road.

While Frank retired his lawnmower to its rightful place in the garden post this adventure, the story of his ride became legendary in the town. It was a testament to the quirky charm of small-town life, where breaking the monotony could turn you into a local hero, and where a simple lawnmower could become the steed for a tale told for generations.

Don Leith

By Don Leith

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