The Entertainer – Film And TV Trivia Quiz

How good is your knowledge of movie and Tv trivia?  Test yourself on the characters, the actors, actresses, and directors of well-known movies and Tv series in Fun Facts & Trivia's "The Entertainer - Film And TV Trivia Quiz".

Which Island Was The Setting For The Tv Show Bergerac?
Which Actor Played Alongside David Niven In The 1964 Film "Bedtime Story"?
The Character Of Animal In The Muppet Show Was Based On Which Famous Rock Drummer?
In Which Australian Tv Soap Did Kylie Minogue Star?
What Was 1970s TV Detective Kojak's First Name?
Which James Bond Movie Was The First Not To Be Based On A Story By Ian Fleming?
Who Directed The Series Of Films That Starred Peter Sellers As Inspector Clouseau?
In The American Tv Drama Quincy, What Was Quincy's Profession?
Which Character Did Actress Emma Chambers Play In The Comedy Series "The Vicar of Dibley"?
Who Played "The Keymaster" In The 1984 Film Ghostbusters?
The Entertainer - Film And TV Trivia Quiz
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