Sight And Sound Fun Entertainment Trivia Quiz

How is your knowledge of movie, TV and music trivia?  Test yourself on famous musicians as well as the characters, the actors, actresses, and directors of well-known movies and tv series in Fun Facts & Trivia's "Sights And Sounds - Fun Entertainment Trivia Quiz".

In The Tv Show "Cheers" What Was The Sport Which Barman Sam Malone Used To Play Professionally?
Who Played The Title Role In The Film "Betty Blue"?
In The Simpsons' TV Show Which Board Game Do Rod And Todd Flanders Like To Play?
Which Well-Known Singer Songwriter's Original Name Was Declan Macmanus?
Whose Directorial Debut Was The Film "Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels"?
Who Was The First Actor To Play The Tv Character "Doctor Who"?
In The TV Series Family Guy What US State Do The Griffins Live?
Which English Punk Band Had A Drummer Whose Stage Name Was "Rat Scabies"?
Which Disney Film Concerns The Fate Of A Princess Called Ariel?
What Is Jennifer Beale's Day Job In The 1983 Film "Flashdance"?
Sights And Sounds - Fun Entertainment Trivia Quiz
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