Sharp Mind – General Trivia Quiz

How good is your general understanding of current and historical events, politics, music, art, and science?  Take our "Sharp Mind - General Trivia Quiz" to find out?

What Is The Name Of Kermit The Frog's Nephew?
Which Greek Mathematician Invented A Screw Device For Raising Water?
Whose Picture Is On The Front Of A US $100 Banknote?
Which Song Was A Hit For Harry Belafonte And Boney M?
The Province Of "Flanders" Is Located In Which Country?
Who Was President Of The Soviet Union From 1964 To 1982?
What Morse Code Letter Is Dot Dash?
What Colour Is The Letter "L" In The Standard Google Logo?
Which Animal Symbolizes The Zodiac Sign Capricorn?
Bridgetown Is The Capital Of Which Caribbean island?
Sharp Mind - General Trivia Quiz
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