Quizzical Facts General Knowledge Trivia Quiz

Do you like to be in the know about world events and be well informed about music, language, film, geography, animals, and history? Then test yourself with Fun Facts & Trivia's "Quizzical Facts General Knowledge Trivia Quiz". Share and challenge your friends!

What Musical Note Does An Orchestra Tune To?
Which Animal Is The National Symbol Of "South Africa"?
Which Band Backed Olivia Newton John On The Song "Xanadu"?
What Is The Name Of Beethoven's Only Opera?
What Is The Currency Of Albania?
Which Country Was The Setting For The Film "The Killing Fields"?
What Does A Horologist Make Or Repair?
What Is The Australian Name For A Long Narrow Lake Or Backwater?
Who Won An Oscar For Best Actress In The Film "Sophie's Choice"?
On A Ship What Is Housed In A Binnacle?
Quizzical Facts General Knowledge Trivia Quiz
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