Quiz Time – Fun General Knowledge Quiz

How good is your general trivia? Do you like to keep up-to-date on current events and to be in the know on films, literature, history, music, art, and science? Test yourself with our "Quiz Time - Fun General Knowledge Quiz".

Islamabad Is The Capital Of Which Country?
What Is The Value Of The Letter 'Q' In Scrabble?
What Is Ascorbic Acid Commonly Known As?
Tom Cruise Starred As Ron Kovic In Which Film?
Who Founded The Salvation Army In London In 1865?
Which Book, Written By Alice Walker, Was Made Into A Film Starring Whoopi Goldberg?
What Is The Name Given To The White Part Of The Human Eye?
What Is Britain's Largest Bird Of Prey?
What Is The Vertically Opening Iron Gate Of A Castle Called?
Whom Did Margaret Thatcher Replace As Leader Of The Conservative Party?
Quiz Time - Fun General Knowledge Quiz
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