Pub Quiz – Fun General Knowledge Trivia Quiz

How good is your understanding of current and historical events, sport, music, astrology, cuisine, and geography?  Try Fun Facts & Trivia's "Pub Quiz - Fun General Knowledge Trivia Quiz" to find out?

What Is The Fifth Sign Of The Zodiac?
In Which Battle Was King Harold II Killed By An Arrow?
What Was The Name Of The Drummer In "The Monkees"?
How Many Strings Does A Balalaika Typically Have?
In Which Month Is Saint George's Day?
What Is The Name Of The Spanish Town Or City Where The Running Of The Bulls Takes Place Every July?
Which American State Is Nicknamed "The Bluegrass State"?
With Which Sport Would You Associate Babe Ruth?
In Which English County Would You Find "Axbridge", "Shepton Mallet" And The City Of "Wells"?
Which Vegetable Is Used As The Main Ingredient In The Greek Dish Moussaka?
Pub Quiz - Fun General knowledge Trivia Quiz
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