Play The Music Loud – Fun Music Trivia Quiz

How good is your music trivia? Test your knowledge of the singers, groups, and songs that have touched our lives in Fun Facts & Trivia's "Play The Music Loud - Fun Music Trivia Quiz".

Brett Michaels Was The Lead Singer Of Which US Band?
Which Famous Guitarist Provided The Soundtrack To The Movie "Death Wish 2"?
What Was The Prodigy's First Uk Hit Single?
Who Wrote The Lyrics To The Musical "Starlight Express"?
"Come As You Are" Was A 1992 Hit For Which US Group?
Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" Video Featured Which Super Model?
Which Musical Instrument Is Derived From The Greek Words For Wood And Sound?
Whose Debut Album In 1991 Was Entitled "Leisure"?
Who Released An Album Called "Bookends"?
Who Had A Song Called "Go West" In 1993
Play The Music! - Trivia Quiz
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