People And Places Trivia Quiz

There are many well-known and famous people and places in this world. Take Fun Facts & Trivia's "People And Places Trivia Quiz" to test yourself on how many you know. 

What Is The Name Of The NFL Team Based In The City Of Seattle?
Which President Was Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize In 1919?
"Shaka" Was The Leader Of Which People In The Early 19th Century?
Where Was The Actor Marlon Brando Born?
What Is The Only Country Which Is Crossed By Both The Equator And The Tropic Of Cancer?
Which Musical Instrument Does Woody Allen Play In His New Orleans Style Jazz Band?
Which UK Castle Holds An Annual Service For The Knights Of The Garter?
Which English County Has The Longest Coastline?
What Was The Name Of Shakespeare's Theatre Company?
The "Maori" Are An Indigenous People Of Which Country?
People and Places Trivia Quiz
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