Music Trivia Quiz 3

How well do you know your music trivia? Test yourself on the singers, groups, and songs that have touched our lives in our Music Trivia Quiz 3.

In which year did Paul McCartney receive his knighthood from the Queen?

"Should I Stay or Should I Go" was a hit for which influential Punk Band?

Released in 1959 "Kind of Blue " is a highly rated album by which jazz trumpeter?

"Smooth Criminal", "Remember the Time" and "Man in the Mirror" are all songs by which legendary US singer?

Released in 2011, "4" is the album title of which American singer?

Which British group released an album in 1974 entitled "Crime of the Century"?

"Little ole Wine Drinker Me" was a hit for which American crooner?

The record label Motown was based in which US city?

Stewart Copeland was the drummer in which band?

The song "Walk this Way" was a hit in 1986 for Aerosmith in collaboration with which Rap group?

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