Moments Past – History and Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of historical events, the places, and the people that helped shape the world. Take Fun Facts & Trivia's "Moments Past  - History and Trivia Quiz" then challenge your friends.

Who Sailed Into San Francisco Bay In 1579 And Claimed It For Queen Elizabeth I?
Who Was The Cult Leader Of The Waco Siege In 1993?
Which European Historical Period, Marked By Achievement, Directly Followed The Middle Ages?
In 1891, Which Country Became The First To Establish An Old Age Pension Scheme?
What Was JFK Airport Originally Called?
In What Year Did The Great Fire Of London Occur?
Who Devised The First Draft Of The American Declaration Of Independence?
In 1816 Which Us State Was Admitted To The Union As The 20th State?
At Which Battle Did The Charge Of The Light Brigade Take Place?
Which American Gangster Was Behind The Creation Of Las Vegas As A Gambler's Paradise?
Moments Past - History and Trivia Quiz
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