Master of Trivia – Entertainment Quiz

How good is your knowledge of movie and tv trivia?  Test yourself on the characters, the actors, actresses, and directors of well-known movies and tv series in our "Master of Trivia - Entertainment Quiz".

Which Musician Was Known As "Satchmo"?

Who Drove A Rolls Royce With The Number Plate "Fab 1"?

In Star Wars Which Small Furry Forest Dwellers Live On Endor?

What Is The Name Of The Womens Prison In Prisioner Cell Block H?

What Is The Name Of The Bank Where Harry Potter Gets His Money?

Who Directed The Award Winning "Lord Of The Rings" Movie Trilogy?

In Which Uk Town Is The Tv Show "The Office" Set?

Who Sang The Theme Song For The James Bond Film "For Your Eyes Only"?

Which Tv Show Would You Find The Characters Bulldog & Eddie?

In Which Disney Cartoon Does Cruella De Ville Feature?

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