“M & M Trivia” – Music and Movies Quiz

How well do you know your music and movie trivia? Test yourself on the films, actors, singers, groups, and songs that have touched our lives in our "M & M Trivia - Music and Movies Quiz".

Who Co-Starred With Sean Connery In The 1975 Film "The Man Who Would Be King"?
Who Did Meatloaf Play In The Movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"?
Which Studio Album by Rihanna Features the Songs "S & M" And "Cheers (Drink To That)"?
Which Musical Was Built Around The Songs Of The Pop Group Abba?
Who Co-Starred With Michael Caine In The 1972 Thriller Comedy "Sleuth"?
How Are Ed Symonds And Tom Rowlands Better Known?
Whose Real Name Is "Cherilyn Sarkisian La Pierre"?
In Which Film Did A Doctor Talk To The Animals?
In Which Film Did Woody Allen And Diane Keaton First Star Together?
Steven Tyler Is Lead Vocalist With Which Rock Band?
"M & M Trivia" - Music and Movies Quiz
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