Let The Band Play On – Fun Music Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of the singers, groups, songs, and music that have touched our lives in Fun Facts & Trivia's "Let The Band Play On - Fun Music Trivia Quiz".

Who Played As Guest Lead Guitarist On The Beatles' Song "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"?
Who Wrote The Song "Baker Street"?
Which Group Wrote The Soundtrack For The 1980's Film "Flash Gordon"?
Who Sang The Theme To The Bond Movie "From Russia With Love"?
Which Band Took Their Name From A Type Of Fire Engine Manufactured In The 1920's?
"Wild Life", "Red Rose Speedway" and "Band On The Run" Are Albums By Which Former Member Of The Beatles?
Which Song Recorded By Whitney Houston In 1993 Was Originally A Hit For Chaka Khan In 1978?
Which Female American Singer Sang Vocals For "Big Brother And The Holding Company"?
Which Heavy Metal Singer Wrote A Book Called "The Adventures of Lord Iffy Boatrace"?
What Is Singer Chris Hamill's Stage Name?
Let The Band Play On - Fun Music Trivia Quiz
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