Knowledge And Wisdom General Trivia Quiz

How good is your general trivia knowledge? Do you like to keep up-to-date on world events and to be in the know on Films, geography, games, music, astrology, politics, and history?

Test yourself with Fun Facts & Trivia's "Knowledge And Wisdom General Trivia Quiz", Then share and challenge your friends.

In Which European City Is The International Court Of Justice Based?
What Is The Capital City Of The Himalayan Country Of Bhutan?
The Yeomen Of The Guard Are Known By What Other Name?
What Is The Currency Of Iran?
Who Played Elliot Ness In The 1987 Film The "Untouchables"?
For The Proceedings To Be Valid The House Of Commons Needs A Quorum Of How Many MPs?
What Star Sign Would You Be If You Were Born On The 2nd Of June?
In Which Country Was Lego Invented?
Who Founded The Record Label Maverick Records?
What Nationality Are The Rock Band "The Cardigans"?
Knowledge And Wisdom General Trivia Quiz
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