Kangaroos – 5 Fun Facts

Here are 5 facts about these Australian marsupials.

Kangaroos - Fun Fact 1

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Their tails are used for hopping and for balance. A red kangaroo can reach speeds of over 35 mph or 56 km per hour.

Kangaroos - Fun Fact 2

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The collective noun for Kangaroos is a "Mob" or a "Troop"

Kangaroos - Fun Fact 3

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There are 60 species of Kangaroo

Kangaroos - Fun Fact 4

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When a kangaroo boxes it can balance his entire body on its tail to enable it to kick forward with its powerful legs.

Kangaroos - Fun Fact 5

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If a kangaroo's tail is lifted off the ground it is unable to hop.
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