Iconic World Landmarks Quiz

The world has many iconic places and structures, both natural and built, which symbolize countries and cities. Take our "Iconic World Landmarks Quiz" to see how many you know. 

The Island of "Santorini" Is Famous For Its Beautiful Architecture On Steep Cliffs Offering Panoramic Views. In Which Sea Is The Island of Santorini Located?
In Which City In the US Will You Find The "Space Needle"?
In Which City In Spain Is The Guggenheim Museum For Modern And Contemporary Art Located?
What Was The Name Of The Volcano That Destroyed And Buried Under Ash The Roman City Of Pompeii In 79 AD?
Located Mainly On Hollywood Boulevard The "Hollywood Walk Of Fame" Is An Historic LA Landmark. Who Was The First Person To Have A Star?
Completed In 2003, This Landmark Building Was Nicknamed "The Gherkin" And Stands At A Height of 180 Meters. In Which European City Was It Built?
"The Matterhorn" Is A Mountain Of The Alps And Borders Which Two Countries?
Constructed In 1958 For A World Fair, In Which European City Will You Find "The Atomium"?
The Famous Alcatraz, Located In San Francisco Bay, Was Closed As A Prison In Which Year?
Located In Washington DC, The Pentagon Is One Of The World's Most Recognizable Buildings. In Which Year Was It Completed?
Iconic World Landmarks Quiz
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