Historical Facts Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your history trivia? Test your knowledge of historical events, the places, and the people that helped shape the world. Take Fun Facts & Trivia's "Historical Facts Trivia Quiz" then challenge your friends.

What Was The Name Of The Last Woman To Be Executed In Britain On 13th July 1955?
In Which English City Did Roger Bannister Become The First Man To Run A Mile In Under 4 Minutes?
Sputnik 2 Was Launched Into Space In 1957. What Was The Name Of The Dog That Was On Board?
The Gold Coast Gained Its Independence From Great Britain In 1957 And Renamed Itself As What?
In Which Year Was The Berlin Wall Constructed?
Who Was The President Of Egypt In 1956 Who Nationalized The Suez Canal Causing British And French Troops To Invade The Region?
In 1982 What Island Was The War Between Argentina And Great Britain Over?
Who Took Over From John F. Kennedy After He Was Assassinated?
Which UK Government Post Was Held By John Profumo At The Time Of The Affair Involving Christine Keeler?
Who In 1963 Became The First Film Star To Earn A Million Dollars For A Single Film?
Historical Facts Trivia Quiz
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