Groups Songs And Music Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your music? Test your knowledge of the singers, groups, songs, and music that have touched our lives in Fun Facts & Trivia's "Groups, Songs and Music Trivia Quiz".

Which Female Singer's Debut Album, Released In 1999, Was Entitled "No Angel"?
Which Group Released An Album Entitled "Zenyatta Mondatta"?
What Was The Name Of Of The Album Released By Dire Straits In1982?
What Was Kate Bush's First Hit Record?
What Instrument Do You Associate With "Yehudi Menuhin"?
David Crosby, Of Crosby, Stills And Nash, Was Previously With Which Other Popular 60's Group?
Which 1984 Musical Was Created By Tim Rice And The Male Members Of Abba?
Who Collaborated With Queen On Their 1981 Hit "Under Pressure"?
Who Composed "The Planet Suite"?
From What Country Did The 90s Band "Black Box" Originate?
Groups, Songs & Music Trivia Quiz
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