General Knowledge Quiz 1

How good is your general understanding of current and historical events, films, literature, music, art, and science?  Take our General Knowledge Quiz 1 to find out?

Which famous American singer played with Mel Gibson in the film Beyond the Thunderdome?

this is the correct answer

What liqueur is mixed with vodka and orange juice to make Harvey Wallbanger?

In which year did Alaska become a state of the USA?

The classic 1951 movie The African Queen starred which famous American actors?

What are the names of the two families in Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet?

Dogs are canine, cats are feline, what are cows?

In which year was Martin Luther King assassinated?

Captain Nemo appeared in which famous Jules Verne novel?

What is a group of otters called?

Which sports car was used in the 80's film Back to the Future?

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