Fun Quiz about Food & Drink

Are you a connoisseur of food and drink? Do you know what ingredients go into your favorite meals and beverages? Take our “Fun Quiz about Food And Drink” to test your knowledge.


What Spirit Is Used To Fortify Red Wine Thereby Creating Port?
What Is Bouillon?
What Is The Main Ingredient Of The Liquor Mead?
Natural Vanilla Flavoring Comes From which Plant?
How Many Bottles Of `Champagne' Are There In A Nebuchadnezzar?
What Ingredient Is Used To Flavour Amaretto Liqueurs?
What Is The Alcoholic Ingredient In A Bloody Mary?
What Are Pershore Eggs And Marjorie's Seedlings?
Which Drink Was Created When Indian Army Officers Added Quinine To Soda Water To Help Fight Malaria?
In What Us State Are 75% Of World's Pineapples Grown?
Fun Quiz about Food & Drink
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