Fun Fact # 6: Lord Nelson, the Seasick Admiral

Fun Fact # 6


         "Lord Nelson" - The Seasick Admiral

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Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died during the battle of Trafalgar, was one of Britain's greatest Naval Commanders. Nelson was one of 11 children and joined the navy when he was just 12 years of age, rising quickly through the ranks to become a captain at the age of 20. 

Lord Nelson was a gifted commander and leader but was also known for his "creative disobedience" in battle whereby he would often ignore instructions if he did not agree with them; It was during his many sea battles that he lost an arm and an eye. 

Despite his bravery, seamanship and leadership qualities Nelson suffered from "Seasickness", which began when he joined the navy and continued throughout his career. He would often feel ill whenever strong gales and rough seas began and it was only his enthusiasm and love of his naval career as well as his patriotism for his country that kept him from leaving the Navy.

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