Fun Fact # 3:  “Subbuteo” – Origin of the Name

Fun Fact # 3


         "Subbuteo" - Origin of the Name      

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Subbuteo is a popular table-top football game which has been around since 1947 but, have you ever wondered where Subbuteo got its name?

It came from the game's creator, Peter Adolph, who loved football and was also a keen ornithologist. He originally wanted to call the game "Hobby" but was not granted permission to register this name as a trademark because it was too general. So, he decided to name the game after his favourite bird, the "Hobby Hawk" (a bird of prey also known as the Eurasian hobby), whose Latin name is Falco Subbuteo; which was shortened to just "Subbuteo".

Unlike modern football games played on computers or on Sony Playstations, Subbuteo is a simulation of a football match using weighted figures for each team's footballers. To play Subbuteo each player needs to use their dexterity and skill to flick their team's footballers around a tabletop football pitch towards the ball and score goals;  The general rules of Subbuteo try to stick as closely as possible to association football. 



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