Fun Christmas Trivia Quiz

Christmas Time is upon us again. How good is your trivia knowledge about this festive time of year? 

Test yourself with Our "Fun Christmas Trivia Quiz", Then share and challenge your friends.

Who Played The Elf Called Patch In The Film "Santa Claus: The Movie"?

From Which Era Does The Custom Of Carol Singing Originate?

From Which Country Did St Nicholas Originate?

Who Was The Composer Of "The Nutcracker" Ballet?

In The Christmas Song What Did Frosty The Snow Man Have For A Nose?

Which Of The Following Was NOT One Of The Three Kings?

Who Was Scrooge's Dead Business Partner In Charles Dickens' Book "A Christmas Carol"?

Which Of The Following Places Is Not A Real US City Or Town?

Which Actor played Buddy In The 2003 Christmas Film "Elf" ?

Which Country Traditionally Provides Britain With A Christmas Tree For Trafalgar Square In London?

Fun Christmas Trivia Quiz
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