The Frightfully Good Halloween Quiz

Having its roots in old European pagan festivals "Halloween" has become a fun holiday where people of all ages dress up in scary costumes and celebrate all things spooky and supernatural. Try Fun Facts & Trivia's "Frightfully Good Halloween Quiz" to test your trivia knowledge of this ghostly holiday.

What Family Live At 1313 Cemetary Lane?
"Dia De Los Muertos" (The Day Of The Dead) Is Celebrated In Which Latin American Country?
What Is The Name Of The Bad Guy In The Friday The 13th Series?
What Is An Assembly Of Witches Called?
Where Did The Famous Witch Trials Of New England Take Place?
What Is The Name For A Noisy Ghost Or Spirit?
What Is The Term For A Male Witch?
Halloween Originated From Which Pagan Festival?
In Which Modern Day Country Would You Find Dracula's Old Haunting Ground, The Region Known As Transylvania?
Halloween Is Celebrated On The Eve Of Which Christian Holiday?
What Is The Name Of The Author Who Wrote The Classic Novel "Frankenstein"?
The Fear Of Halloween Is Known By Which Other Name?
What Do The Irish Call A Spirit Whose Wailing Signals Imminent Death?
The Frightfully Good Halloween Quiz
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