Film & TV Quiz 5

How good is your knowledge of movie and tv trivia?  Test yourself on the characters, the actors, actresses, and directors of well-known movies and tv series on our Film & TV Quiz 5.

What is the name of the actress that played Janice, a recurring character, in the comedy series Friends?

In the series of the same name what was the occupation of Perry Mason?

In The Big Bang Theory what is Sheldon Cooper's position at the university?

Peter Sellers played 3 different characters in which Stanley Kubrick film?

In Toy Story which character's catchphrase is "To Infinity and Beyond"?

What is the name of the planet Dr Who comes from?

What was the name of the bar in Boston owned by Sam Malone?

What is the name of the street in the Australian soap opera Neighbours?

In 2011 Colin Firth won an Oscar for Best Actor for which film?

Which of the following is NOT a Joe Pesci film?

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