Film & TV Quiz 4

How good is your knowledge of movie and tv trivia?  Test yourself on the characters, the actors, actresses, and directors of well-known movies and tv series on our Film & TV Quiz 4.

Which character did the actor Peter Mayhew play in the Star Wars?

"Mama says, stupid is as stupid does" is a quote from which Tom Hanks film?

"you're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" is a quote from which Michael Caine film?

In Game of Thrones, Lord Petyr Baelish is popularly called what?

"I see dead people" is a quote from which film?

Which British actress starred with Tom Cruise in the film The Edge of Tomorrow?

The Graduate, Midnight Cowboy, Tootsie, Hook, are all films starring which US actor?

"I'll have what she's having" is a quote from which film starring Meg Ryan?

Mark Addy played which character in Game of Thrones?

"I coulda had class, I coulda been a contender, I coulda been somebody!" is a quote from which Marlon Brando film?

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