Ella Daish - Battling Plastic in Period Products
UK environmental activist Ella Daish’s goal is to end single-use plastics in menstrual products.
Credit: Courtesy of Ella Daish – Via theworld.org

Ella Daish’s journey from a postal worker in the UK to an influential environmental activist is a compelling story of how noticing a small, everyday problem can lead to a significant and impactful campaign. Ella’s mission began with a simple realization about the environmental impact of menstrual products. She noticed the amount of plastic in the period products she was using and the waste they created every month. This awareness sparked a determination in her to make a change, not just for herself but for women and the environment globally.

Ella’s campaign, “The Environmental Period,” started with her own switch to eco-friendly alternatives. But she quickly realized that individual action, while important, wasn’t enough. The issue was much larger and needed a systemic change. She began researching and was alarmed to discover the extent of the problem. Conventional period products are a significant source of plastic waste, with pads being around 90% plastic and a pack of menstrual pads equivalent to four plastic bags. Over a woman’s lifetime, thousands of these products are used, creating a substantial amount of non-biodegradable waste that ends up in landfills, incinerators, and oceans.

Determined to tackle this issue, Ella launched a petition calling on manufacturers and supermarkets to eliminate plastic from their menstrual products. Her campaign wasn’t just about raising awareness; it was a call to action. She engaged with the public, manufacturers, and retailers, urging them to consider the environmental impact of their products and to offer more sustainable alternatives.

Ella’s approach was multifaceted. She didn’t just highlight the problem; she provided solutions. By promoting eco-friendly alternatives like menstrual cups, reusable pads, and organic, plastic-free disposable options, she empowered consumers to make more environmentally friendly choices. Her campaign also brought attention to the “period poverty” that many women face, advocating for not only more sustainable options but also more affordable and accessible ones.

The response to Ella’s campaign was extraordinary. People from all over the world signed her petition, and she received widespread media attention, which helped to amplify her message. Her efforts led to some significant victories; major manufacturers and retailers began to take notice and started offering more sustainable options. Some brands have even committed to reducing the plastic in their products or making their packaging more eco-friendly.

One of the most compelling aspects of Ella’s story is how she illustrates the power of grassroots activism. She started as an individual concerned about the environment but quickly became a leading voice in the movement for sustainable menstrual products. Her ability to mobilize and engage a community of like-minded individuals showcases the potential for real change when people come together for a common cause.

Ella’s work is ongoing, and she continues to campaign for change in the industry. She is a testament to the idea that anyone, anywhere, can make a difference. Her story is a powerful reminder of the impact of everyday products on our planet and the importance of questioning and changing what is considered the norm.

In a world where environmental issues often feel overwhelming and insurmountable, Ella Daish stands as a beacon of hope and action. Her campaign not only sheds light on an often-overlooked issue but also inspires others to take notice and take action in their own lives. She exemplifies how passion, persistence, and the power of a single voice can start a movement and pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world. Ella’s journey from a concerned individual to a leading environmental activist is a compelling narrative of empowerment, change, and hope for a better future.

Don Leith

By Don Leith

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