Colleen Paige - Celebrating Companionship One Day at a Time
National Dog Day, Colleen Paige founder, is a holiday that encourages people to recognize dogs needing forever homes, as well as to honor pups who help save and enrich lives.

Colleen Paige is not just an animal lover; she’s a visionary who has transformed her passion for pets into a series of national days that celebrate and raise awareness about animals’ welfare and the joy they bring into our lives. As a pet lifestyle expert and animal welfare advocate, Paige has dedicated her life to enhancing the bond between humans and animals. Through her work, she has not only improved the lives of countless pets but also encouraged people to consider and appreciate the myriad ways animals enrich our world.

Paige’s journey began with a deep-rooted love for animals and a keen understanding of the human-animal bond. Her career has spanned various facets of pet care, including working as an animal behaviorist and pet trainer. However, it’s her role as the founder of numerous national pet days for which she is most celebrated. These aren’t just whimsical commemorations; each day is a platform for education, awareness, and action that benefits animals across the country and the globe.

Perhaps the most well-known of these days is National Dog Day, founded by Paige in 2004. Celebrated on August 26th each year, National Dog Day honors dogs of all breeds and backgrounds while drawing attention to the number still awaiting homes in shelters. It’s a day for appreciating the loyal companionship and unconditional love dogs provide, as well as a call to action for the public to recognize the plight of abused and abandoned dogs.

But Paige didn’t stop with dogs. Recognizing the need for wider animal advocacy, she went on to establish National Cat Day, National Puppy Day, National Pet Day, and more. Each of these days has its unique focus, celebrating the joy pets bring into our lives, encouraging adoption, and spotlighting the need for care and compassion towards animals.

Colleen Paige’s advocacy extends beyond these celebratory days. She is a vocal advocate for pet adoption, tirelessly working to promote the benefits of adopting from shelters and rescues. Through her efforts, she has helped shine a light on the millions of animals waiting in shelters, encouraging people to choose adoption as a first option and thereby saving countless lives.

Her influence is also evident in her push for better treatment of animals. Paige is a proponent of humane, positive training methods, better nutrition, and regular veterinary care. She uses her platform to educate pet owners on responsible pet ownership, including the importance of spaying and neutering to prevent overpopulation.

One of the most impactful aspects of Paige’s work is how it has permeated public consciousness. National Dog Day and its counterparts are not just recognized by animal lovers; they have been embraced by the media, celebrities, and the public at large. These celebrations have become more than just days on a calendar; they are cultural touchpoints that offer an opportunity for collective reflection, celebration, and action for animal welfare.

Paige’s story is a testament to the power of a single voice and a clear vision. She has shown that with passion and perseverance, it’s possible to create waves of positive change. Her establishment of these national days has not only provided a platform for discussing important issues but has also made the love and care of animals a part of the national conversation.

In celebrating Colleen Paige and her achievements, we’re reminded of the simple joys that pets bring into our lives and the profound impact we can have on theirs. Her legacy is reflected in every happy adoption story, every moment of awareness raised, and every person inspired to treat animals with the kindness and respect they deserve. Through her ongoing work, Paige continues to advocate for a world where every day is an opportunity to celebrate and improve the lives of our animal companions.

Don Leith

By Don Leith

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