Born in the USA – The Fun American Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your US Trivia? Test your knowledge with Fun Facts & Trivia's "Born in the USA - The Fun American Quiz" and then challenge your friends.

Springfield Is The Capital Of Which US State?
In Which US State Is John F. Kennedy Buried?
Which Popular US Sport Was Invented By James Naismith In 1891?
Which Car Manufacturer Was The First To Mass Produce Cars With Power Steering?
Who Directed The 1973 Film "American Graffiti"?
"If You Can't Stand The Heat Get Out Of The Kitchen" Is A Famous Quote First Uttered By Which US President?
In Which US State Was Michael Jackson Born?
The "Aleutian Islands" Are Part Of Which US State ?
How Many Justices Are There in The Federal Supreme Court?
What is American Pilot Chuck Yeager's Claim To Fame In The Field Of Aviation?
Born in the USA - The Fun America Trivia Quiz
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