Artistic Merit And Creative License Trivia Quiz

Take Fun Facts & Trivia's "Artistic Merit And Creative License Trivia Quiz" to test your knowledge of literature, authors, art, and artists.

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Which Artist's Painting Titled "Lola De Valence" Inspired A Poem By Baudelaire?
What Is The Name Of Colin Dexter's Fictional Detective?
Which American Author Inspired The Names Of Bands "Steely Dan" And "Soft Machine"?
Which Book By Paul Beatty Won The 2016 Man Booker Prize?
"The Three Ages of Woman", "The Kiss", And "Judith And The Head of Holofernes" Are All Paintings By Which Artist?
In Which Historic Building In London Is "Poets Corner" Located?
What Did Michelangelo Paint On The Ceiling Of The Sistine Chapel?
In Which City Is The Is The "Musee Picasso"?
Which Thriller Author's Books Include "Osterman Weekend", "The Bourne Identity" And "The Prometheus Deception"?
Which Member Of The Monty Python Team Wrote Children's Books About "Erik The Viking"?
Artistic Merit And Creative License Trivia Quiz
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