Art, Painters, Books, Authors Trivia Quiz

How well do you know your classic literature and your modern classic books, your art, artists, and styles? Take Fun Facts & Trivia's "Art, Painters, Books, Authors Trivia Quiz" to test your knowledge. 

In Which Century Did Artists First Start Painting On Canvas?
Who Developed The Impressionist Style Using Separate Small Dots Of Pure Colour?
Which Member Of The Monty Python Team Wrote Children's Books About "Erik The Viking"?
What Famous Gothic Novel Was Written By Mary Shelley?
Which Decorative Style Was Popular In The 1920's & 1930's?
Which American Author's Books Include "The World According To Garp", "The Hotel New Hampshire" And "The Cider House Rules"?
Who Wrote The Poem "Rime Of The Ancient Mariner"?
What Is The Fourth Book In The Harry Potter Series?
Who Wrote The Novel "Gone With The Wind"?
"The International Musical Eisteddfod", A Celebration Of The Arts, Is Held Annually In Which Town In Wales?
Art, Painters, Books, Authors Trivia Quiz
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