Art and Literature Quiz

How well do you know your classic literature and your modern classic books, your art, artists, and styles? Take our "Art and Literature Quiz" to test your knowledge. 

In Which Novels Does Bilbo Baggins Appear?
Which Decorative Style Was Popular In The 1920's & 1930's?
Who Painted The Last Supper?
Who Wrote The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn?
Who Wrote The Novel Jaws, That Was Later Turned Into A Blockbuster Movie By Steven Spielberg?
Name The Tibetan Mountain Retreat Featured In the book The Lost Horizon?
Which Famous Statue Was Found On The Island Of Melos & Signed By Andros Of Antioch?
Of Which Famous London Landmark Was Sir Alfred Gilbert The Sculptor?
Who Wrote The Novel "Emma"?
Who Wrote The Book Brave New World?
Art and Literature Quiz
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