2018’s First General Knowledge Trivia Quiz

How good is your general trivia knowledge? Do you like to keep up-to-date on world events and to be in the know on TV, Films, geography, nature, astronomy, sport, religion, history and food?

Test yourself with Fun Facts & Trivia's "2018's First General Knowledge Trivia Quiz", Then share and challenge your friends.

What Is The Currency Of Thailand?
Which English Goal Keeper Was Beaten By Maradona's So Called "Hand Of God"?
What Common Term Is Given To A Workplace Where Everyone Has To Be A Union Member?
What Animal Name Is Given To Sirius, The Brightest Star Visible From Earth?
Saint Matthew Is The Patron Saint Of What?
Who Directed The Film "Back To The Future"?
In The Beano Comic What Is The Name Of Dennis The Menace's Pet Dog?
In Which U.S State Is "Pearl Harbor"?
In Which River Was Jesus Christ Baptized?
From Which Country Does Feta Cheese Originate?
2018's First General Knowledge Trivia Quiz
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